Magicon display cases

Tabletop Cases

Noreascon 4 has six secure tabletop exhibit cases which were originally built for Magicon. They are 30"x36"x6" with painted wood bottom and sides and a heavy plexiglas top. They're screwed together. They weigh 45 pounds each and thus could be shipped to Glasgow for about $30 each and we have decided to do this. We do not want them to be returned by Interthingy: sending them to to LA would not be a bad thing. Here is a top view and a bottom view of a case.

Case Use
1 IF Classic exhibit
2 Sheckley GoH exhibit
3 Yolen GoH exhibit
4 Masquerade
5 Priest GoH exhibit

Vertical Cases

The vertical cases are incomplete (missing the plywood back); by early June we will have rebuilt at least one of them and will rebuild them all by the ship date. They sit on a table, weigh 90 pounds, and are 3' wide, by 4' high and 1' deep. They have plexiglas front and sides and wood base and back. They have a single shelf halfway up. There are 5 vertical cases: 4 with full-width shelves, 1 half-width (to make room for the very tall Nolacon Hugo.). Because the backs were lost, the one we have built up uses unpainted playwood. It will be pained beige before the convention.

The case is loaded by assembling it except for one side which is only screwed into place after the exhibits are inside. Here's a side view while open to insert exhibits, a front view and an oblique view.

Both kinds of case are highly secure as they are screwed shut.

Case Use
1 Hugo exhibit
2 Hugo exhibit
3 Hugo exhibit
4 Masquerade

Instructions for assembly.

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