Shipping from Boston

This is Chip Hitchcock's data as of 4/15/05

  pickup drop-dead safe cost: cost: cost: cost:
who phone incl? ship date ship date 4 st(0) 4.53 st 5 st 6 st
Shannon Express Int'l 800-755-1001 yes(1) 5 Jul(3) 28 Jun(3) 1674 1899 2079 2485
American Baggage(5) 800 752-6773  no   wk of 5 Jul(7) 1115 1385 1385 1655
APX(6) 877-597-0258 no 13 Jul(4) 6 Jul(2) 705 787 860 1015
(0)"st"=="stere"==cubic meter. a solid pallet of books is 1.5-1.8st. (NB: pallet counts in volume calc.)
       a solid pallet of books is 1.5-1.8st. (NB: pallet counts in volume calc.)        
       a pallet-size stack 2.5 feet high (including the pallet) is 1st        
       a \large/ NESFA book (e.g. Kornbluth) packs ~440/st (including boxes but not pallet).    
       4.53st is 160 cubic feet, e.g. 4' x 4' x 10'            
(1): quote includes pickup at a standard dock; surcharge (est'd) is for vans or a low-step truck for picking up from ground level
(2): from schedule on website; \expected/ arrival in Glasgow is 20 Jul (time allows for container transport to NY/NJ, plus shipping)
(3): worked out by company rep; time includes container packing, transport to NYC, and transshipment in Antwerp
(4): extrapolated from website as for (2) (furthest date shown); \expected/ arrival in Glasgow is 27 Jul)
(5): American Baggage quotes in whole steres only          
(6): quotes are current; last week they added ~$45 fuel charge for 4.53st        
(7): verbal estimate; AB ships from Boston, and says it has contacts with 2+ ships/week, so this is probably conservative. 
all of these quotes are for goods dumped on the Glasgow dock; customs clearances and local delivery (which one shipper said could be best done by broker) are additional.

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