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Possible means/costs for shipping to/from Interthingy: (all costs originally quoted in UKP are converted at $1.80)

1. Boston to UK (Liverpool) dock via APX; UK dock to SECC via TNT (Interthingy’s shipper/broker)

Ship dates: TNT requires 10 business days from arrival in Liverpool to guarantee on-time arrival at the SECC, which mean 20 Jul (Wed) or preferably 19 Jul. APX has dates (lv Boston / lv NYC / arr Liverpool) of 29 Jun / 2 Jul / 12 Jul and 6 / 9 / 19 Jul.

Fixed costs:  
APX filing fee ($35), bill of lading ($50), export declaration ($25) $110
TNT handling:  
    Import clearance (UKP55 for 1 category, 7.5/add’l x2) $126
    Import examination (UKP 35) $63
    Export examination (UKP 35) $63
    Export clearance (UKP55) $99
    TNT fees (“Agency”UKP50; “Communications”UKP25) $135
Customs returning to US unknown

Variable costs (converted to hundredweight, assuming 13cwt/cbm)
APX shipping:  
$100/cbm base, 10 fuel surcharge, 35 handling, 10 GRI =$155/cbm $11.92
TNT handling:  
    Import terminal handling (UKP15/cbm) $2.08
    Bond Fee: 1% of value, min UKP35 (guess: books are $12/#) $12.00
    Transport to SECC (UKP 65/500kg) $10.65
    SECC unloading (UKP 20/300kg) $5.45
    SECC loading (UKP 20/300kg) $5.45
    Transport to dock (UKP 15/cbm) (minimum 30?) $2.08
    Export trmnl hdlg (UKP 15/cbm) (minimum 30?) $2.08
APX shipping (assumed; not quoted) $11.92

2. Book Export: contracted truck from North Billerica depot to Somerset NJ; BE to UK with customs; BE-connected truck to SECC (NB: BE cost assumes shipment density nets <0.5; otherwise $13/cwt)

Ship dates: for arrival in the SECC on 2 or 3 Aug, they want the load in hand by 6 Jul – no precise shipping dates as they broker with various companies, so the load could leave 7, 8, or 9 Jul.

Relatively fixed costs: Transport to SECC ($440 for 2 pallets, $570/3, $690/4)    $690.00

Variable costs (/cwt)
Truck to NJ > $11.13
BE shipping/clearance @ $130/cbm $10.00
UK truck return (guess) $15.00
BE shipping/clearance $10.00
Truck from NJ (guess) $15.00


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