York Exhibits Inventory

1 box fan history stuff including badges and ribbons , some artwork
1 box fan history pictures
2 boxes Japanese fan history stuff
2 boxes Japanese bid material
1 flight case Worldcon history exhibition
4 flight case pro photo gallery  one older, black case damaged
1 pallet fanac history display boards
1 each Internet lounge banner
1 tube fan history bid posters
1 box lock bags
3 boxes fanac history display busts
2 boxes international fandom panels with display material
1 each Hugo losers photo (joke) + uprights
1 flight case Worldcon history programme books etc
1 tube fan history bid posters
3 rolls clear plastic
1 package fanac exhibition table covers and spoof fanac posters
1 box LA portal and Banners
1 box fanac history bidding buttons arranged by year
1 footlocker Worldcon history exhibit ring binders with Worldcon publications
1 box Worldcon memorabilia including t-shirts and the mended drum sign
1 each  large gavel
1 pallet pallet of signage

Sparks estimates that the storage space occupied by this stuff is between 800 and 1000 cubic feet.  He can't measure it directly until we unload pre-con.

We have from the GeoLogistics bill that this list weighed 938.49kg (2060 lbs)

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