Interthingy Historical Exhibits Technical Details

The exhibits will be on display boards, probably the pegboard-type hangings commonly used for art shows. I'd like to do as much as possible of the layout in advance and have it printed out and ready to be hung.

One strong possibility is to use the NESFA large-format printer (36" wide by unlimited length) to print an entire exhibit so that we just hang the paper and attach the artifacts.

More floorplans

Picture of inside of Hall 2 showing wall and metalwork from which we can attach things to this as long as they do no damage (this includes not using the likes of gaffa tape which leaves a residue). Given that there is this girder lattice protruding from the wall it may be better to put some display boards along the wall & use them.

Floorplans as of 5/4/05 as cad drawings

Floorplan as of 3/30/05 (Excel file)

Magicon display cases

Noreascon 4 has several secure tabletop exhibit cases which were originally built for Magicon. They are very roughly 30"x36"x96" with painted wood bottom and sides and a heavy plexiglas top. They're screwed together. They weight roughly 30 pounds each and thus could be shipped to Glasgow for under $30 each. We do not have a use for them in Boston, so if Interthingy doesn't want them, we'll probably trash them. We would not expect them to be returned by Interthingy, though sending them to to LA would not be a bad thing. Here is a top view and a bottom view of a case.

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