LAcon 4 Wall of History Exhibit

The basic plan is to have a wall of 8' tall foamcore broken into vertical stripes with about 14" for each year from 1936 to 2006. The middle of each vertical stripe will be a 2' or 3' tall section for people to sign their names for when they got into fandom. The rest of each stripe will feature pictures, artifacts, articles, and fanzines from that year.

Types of artifacts to be found for each year:

Much of the material will be scanned and color printed. When original material is included it will be mounted in a sleeve of some kind both to protect it and to make it possible to figure out what needs to be saved during teardown.

The plan is to mount the foamcore on a scaffolding of some sort. Bobbi Armbruster has requested that it be made out of PVC pipe. Rather than a single 90' long wall, Bobbi has requested that it be two sides of a free-standing 45'x5' box. A design is needed. It is essential that LAcon 4 get the parts and provide gophers for assembly.

The image to the left is a slice showing three years of the wall.