Notes on the Long List of NASFiCs

General Notes


Custom in designating Guests of Honor has varied greatly, with some conventions giving specific titles (Fan, Pro, Australia, US, Artist, etc.) and some simply calling them all Guests of Honor. We have used specific labels where they existed. In general we do not note spelling issues like Honor/Honour.

The Toastmaster is not a Guest of Honor, although some conventions gave the Toastmaster equal billing with the Guests. To confuse matters further, in at least one case a Guest was also designated as Toastmaster. In a few instances the Toastmaster was given a title other than "Toastmaster" such as "Master of Ceremonies".


Under Site we have listed:


Who chaired a particular NASFiC is sometimes less clear than one might expect. Our policy in constructing this list is to be as accurate as possible without being misleading. We have attempted to follow the convention's official record (where it exists) supplemented by other contemporary records. In all cases where we are aware of ambiguity, we have included notes. When multiple people with Chairman-like titles exist (including Co-Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Associate Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Deputy Assistant Co-Vice Chairman) we list only the top manager at the time of the convention in the main list, and all others in management positions with Chairman-like titles in the notes (i.e., all managers with titles matching *[cC]hair*.) People in support positions with Chair-like titles (e.g., "Chairman's Staff" or "Assistant to the Chairman") are not included. This list makes no attempt to include bid leadership.


Where available, this column records two numbers: how many paying members actually attended the NASFiC and how many total members there were.

The Attendance total includes all paid admissions including one-day admissions. (A one-day admission counts as one attendee.) It excludes freebies who did not participate in the convention (e.g., contractors), unpaid children, paid attending members who did not attend, and all supporting members, but it does include free memberships given to people who did participate in the convention (e.g. Guests of Honor).

Total members includes everyone who paid for a membership or admission whether full attending, one-day, child, or supporting, plus the Guests of Honor and other free memberships given to people participating in the convention. It does not include freebies who did not participate in the convention.

The available data is very incomplete and imprecise and many of these numbers are probably substantially in error. We have noted cases where we know the numbers to be doubtful. About 99% of the numbers ending in 00 are estimates. The numbers are of the form aaaa/mmmm, where the first number is the attendance and the second the membership. When only one is known, the other is left blank (e.g., /2345 means an unknown attendance and 2345 total members). When only a single number is presented, we don't know whether it is attendance or total members.

Convention Notes

1975 -- NASFiC

Spelled out, NASFiC was an acronym for North American Science Fiction Convention.

Lester del Rey was Toastmaster.

1979 -- NorthAmericon `79

Another source estimates the attendance as 1400.

1985 -- LoneStarCon I

Also known as "The First Occasional Lone Star Science Fiction Convention & Chili Cook-off" and "ChiliCon". Robert Taylor was Vice-Chairman.

Chad Oliver was Toastmaster.

1987 -- CactusCon

Julius Schwartz was Toastmaster.

1995 -- Dragon*Con

Also known as "NASFiC / Dragon*Con / Atlanta Comics Expo `95". Dragon*Con was a pre-existing annual Atlanta convention, with an emphasis on the media aspects of science fiction.

 Joe Haldeman was Master of Ceremonies.

2005 -- Cascadia Con

Cascadia Con at various times listed Harry Harrison as "Special Guest of Honor - Canceled", Uffington Horse as "Friends of Filk * Filk Group Guest of Honor" and Hiroaki Inoue as "Anime Guest of Honor".

2007 -- Archon31/Tuckercon

Media GoHs Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett replaced Mira Furlan who was unable to attend.

Roger Tener was Toastmaster.

None of the fourteen hotels (including the main hotel) were large and evidently none of them meet the 25% of rooms criterion for listing, so only the official main hotel is listed.

2010 -- Reconstruction

Toni Weisskopf was Toastmaster.

2014 -- Detcon1

As guests, Detcon1 also listed Nnedi Okorafor, YA Author Special Guest; Jon Davis, Video Game Special Guest; Roger Sims, ConChair Emeritus; Fred Prophet, ConChair Emeritus

2017 -- NorthAmeriCon '17

GoH George Perez did not attend.

2019 -- SpikeCon

SpikeCon was -- simultaneously -- the 2019 Nasfic, Westercon 72, MantiCon 2019, and a 1632 Minicon. Each convention had its own Guests of Honor (though with some overlap), but there was a single committee for all four.

2020 -- Columbus NASFIC 2020

Columbus was scheduled to be held August 20-23, 2020 at the Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square, but was moved to virtual in June 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eric Flint was guest at an associated 1632 Minicon

2023 -- Pemmi-con 2023

Tanya Huff will be toastmaster

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