Fanac Exhibit

Photo IDing

This is definite and will probably be done in conjunction with Fanac.

We'll display a bunch -- hundreds -- of photos on small folding tabletop bulletin boards and ask people to ID them. This has proven very popular in the past. We will need vertical boards of some sort -- the pallet of Fanac history display boards listed in the York Inventory are ideal. They sit on table tops. Pictures will be posted along with an invitation to put post-it notes next to them to ID people. We plan to focus on photos from UK conventions and will ask people to bring photos (which we can keep) for IDing.


As usual, Fanac will run a scanning station where we will scan photos for the Fanac archives. We will request that someone int he UK procure (at Fanac's expense) a USB-2 scanner. The station will need tables, bulletin boards and electric power. An Internet connection would be nice.

Other Displays

Fanac will supply historical newspaper articles about fandom for a display.

We'd like to set up a slide show. Need equipment.

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