Idea: Hotel Manager Wall

One of the most delightful memories of Conspiracy was the hotel manager wall that was created at the end of the convention to memorialize the Hotel Metropole's truly horrible manager. It was most of a wall of a room and was covered with hotel manager jokes. (Q: What do you call a hotel manager buried up to his neck in sand? A: Too little sand.) Besides the fans who wrote the wall and greatly enjoyed it, there seemed to be a lot of hotel employees who felt a need to walk through the area....

A British con-runner tells the story: 'While negotiating with a potential Eastercon hotel the manager asked us, "Didn't you recently hold a convention in Brighton?" Somewhat nervously we confirmed that we did. "Apparently there was a whole wall of jokes about the hotel manager there"  Sadly, since we could see a deal with a very nice hotel disappearing, we admitted that there had been. "A lot of us who trained under Fred had quite a laugh when we heard about that" After that we proceeded to close the deal on the booking.'

Create a wall and seed it with jokes and let fans at it! Or it could just be done as an exhibit.

Photos of about 30% of the Conspiracy Hotel Manager Wall Look here for a list of some of the jokes


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