Interthingy -- 2005 WSFS Papers


Standing Rules

Agenda -- Preliminary

Agenda -- Friday

Agenda -- Saturday

List of Attachments

Mark Protection Committee Members, 2005-2006

Report of the Ad-Hoc Committee to Mess with the Wording of the Best Editor Split Proposal

Report of the WSFS Nitpicking and Flyspecking Committee

Report of the Hugo Eligibility Rest of the World (HEROW) Committee

Mark Protection Committee Report 2005.pdf

Torcon Report 2005.xls


Mil Phil Report 2005.xls

L.A.con IV Report 2005.rtf

Interaction Report 2005.pdf

ConJose Final Report 2005.pdf

ConAdian Report 2005.doc

Cascadiacon Report 2005 .xls

Aussiecon 3 Final Finance Report