Historical Exhibits -- The Plan

Here's what we're actually planning to do at Interthingy. (See the Historical Exhibits Ideas page for everything we've considered doing.)

Broadly, the exhibits can be divided into three categories: Interactive, Stories, Other. The following list is as complete as possible a list of what we know about:

Exhibit Space requirement Location Notes
UK Worldcons   Along left wall. This will bring together all the pieces for the UK Worldcons: Material from the history of Worldcon and History of Bidding archives, Peter Weston's photo boards, signup sheets, photos to be IDed, etc.
Attendance Wall   will be part of displays on individual Worldcons Each UK Worldcon will have a signup sheet. We'll add signup sheets for each European Worldcon if we have space, but it doesn't look likely.
Hotel Manager Wall   will be part of Conspiracy UK Worldcon display  
Tartan Tat   will be part of Interthingy UK Worldcon display  
Ubi Sunt?   Standalone  
Fanac photo scanning   Fanac  
Fanac photo IDing   Fanac  
Rosco sign-up sheet   Standalone  
Minneapolis in '73   Standalone  
1963 Eastercon (planned/Peter Weston, copy exists -- 1 Mb Word file)      
Xerps in 2010   Standalone  
Irish Fandom -- Willis, et al (James Bacon))   Standalone  
Modern Irish Fandom (James Bacon)   Standalone  
Trading cards   Standalone  
UK clubs (idea)      
ATom exhibit (planned) (Geri has some material)   Standalone  

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